Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Color Hat

Many company to make advertisement addition, or present in a event hence we earn to assist to make present by merchandise or gift us at disposal request

We earn to make multifariously of hat manner and is multifarious of color manner and multifarious kinds of its cloth materials and also border with best design. Can be ordered minim order 300 pcs
Please contact, we ready to assist your difficulty.

We make a move Advertising in sale of Product - product of Merchandise, Gift, Bag, Hat of Border, Uniform Clothes, T-Shirt, shirt, Standard umbrella to Umbrella of Golf, Mug Ceramic, Hanger of Key of Acrylic, Rubber, wood, ceramic, Hand watch, word. Acrylic resin. Label of woven, TPR, sticker. and can order with other mode

 Topi - topi ini murah dengan Qty 300 Pcs Harga Rp. 12.500,- sudah termasuk logo perusahaan anda siipp! Lah!